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A+ Plus Contracting handles many different types of contracting projects but specializes in rain gutter installation. When building a new home, gutters are a necessity to divert the rain from your roof to avoid structure damage, damp walls and mold. When you already have gutters, it's important to replace any that are leaking, as leaks can cause rotten fascia board. And when installing or replacing gutters, it is important to choose a company with experience in gutter installation. Issues at installation, such as incorrect pitch, can cause the very problems you're trying to avoid.

Our years of experience with the installation of seamless aluminum gutters in Charlotte is evident on every job. Our professionally trained installers are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction, and we use only the best gutter materials.

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We work with:

  • Gutter Guard Systems
  • Leaf Relief
  • Shur Flow
  • Rhino Guard
  • Gutter Shingle
  • Leaf Free
  • Senox (Midwest EZ Slide)
  • and numerous other leaf stopping systems.

  • Prompt Personalized Service

    The licensed and trained contractors of A+ Plus Contracting offer fast service to replace rain gutters in Charlotte, N.C. Our professional team has over 26 years of experience installing building materials throughout the area. We offer repair services six days a week to ensure customers can receive efficient repairs to prevent structural damage to a home. Our company has an excellent reputation with endorsements from previous clients and the Better Business Bureau. You can count on us to provide prompt personalized service at reasonable rates. We use eco-friendly building materials designed to last, made by well-known manufacturers. You can choose guttering made by companies like Rhino Guard, Leaf Free and Senox.

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    Techniques we use for Rain Gutter Installation

    Having a game plan before you start the Installation of your gutter system is crucial. If we aren't critical with how certain parts of the gutter system are laid out, you could end up with more issues in the future. For example, any span of your gutter longer than 40 feet in length will be separated to two downspouts from a rise in the middle. This ensures there is not too much weight on that section of the gutter system. Also, the placement of the downspouts can be very important. We try to keep them away from electric meters, concrete and highly visible places on your house whenever possible. There are obvious reasons you would want to limit the amount of water you send to places like the ones mentioned. The overall benefit to you, is a home rain gutter system that is solid, efficient and cost effective.

    Leaf Stopping Rain Gutter Systems

    A+ Plus Contracting also offers several leaf stopping systems to maximize the life of your home gutter system. Leaf Relief, Shur Flo, Gutter RX, Leaf Free, Gutter Glove, Leaf Proof and many other options are available. A proper leaf stopping system with your gutters can make all the difference. Call us today for a detailed explanation of the benefits of using one of these leaf stopping systems with your Rain Gutters.

    If you would like to receive a prompt, professional analysis of your home or business's rain gutter system, A+ Plus Contractracting is your number one choice. Count on the trusted professionals of rain gutter installation and service, serving Charlotte, NC.